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About Us

Working in the field handling equipment and fork lifts since 1994.V year 2002 as a single entity. We have a sales representative handling platforms SKYJACK. We are prodejem startéry, Alternators, Electric, hydraulic pumps, hydraulic motors and spare parts for all industrial motors. By selling second-hand of forklifts, construction forklift platforms and on this technique, we deliver all original and non-original spare parts and provide service to 24 hours SKYJACK, JLG, GROVE, TOUCAN, GENIE, Haulotte, COMPACT ,AICHI, UPRIGHT, DINO LIFT, SKYJACK,LIFTLUX, HOLLAND LIFT, ITECO, MANITOU, MARKLIFT, NIFTYLIFT, OMMEPROF-LIFT, OMME LIFT, SIMON, SNORKEL, TEREX.
JOYSTICK, LINDE H18D, H2X391Z, E16C 02 v.è.H2X335L 7919040042 , 7919040007 JOYSTICK, LINDE H18D, H2X391Z, E16C 02 v.č.H2X335L JOYSTICK CATERPILLAR 1040207 ne K model JOYSTICK CONTROLLER, S30JLK-XI-5361-10R1 svazek kabelů currently joysticku na plošinu Genie GS 3246 joystick Scissors H12/15/18SDX . Old names HA 12 i , Has 15 i JOYSTICK, HA-15 X, HA-16 PE, joystick H12/15/18SDX-SX-COMPACT articulated HA 18/18/20/26 PX Telescopics H14/16/21/23/25 28526860 Jungheinrich, Travel switch, JOYSTICK JOYSTICK GENIE 53073 JOYSTICK GROVE 7352000856, DRIVER SWING MZ72DXT JOYSTICK lift / lower GROVE 7352000937, JOYSTICK, MOVEX 91206-31800 JOYSTICK, CATERPILLAR JOYSTICK, Tiller JLG 1930ES, 2030This is, 2630This is, 2646This is, 3246ES ELECTRONIC CONTROL LEVER, JOYSTICK, Toucan Junior 8 s/n 9039 ELECTRONIC CONTROL LEVER, JOYSTICK, P5140100012, S1318575/010-0003, V10.1/BWK joystick steering, TOUCAN JOYSTICK 7919040030, JOYSTICK JOYSTICK KREUZHEBEL 7919040031 , JOYSTICK ZENTRALHEBEL, JOYSTICK 7919040035 , JOYSTICK JOYSTICK DOPPELHEBEL 7919040036 , SINGLE LEVER JOYSTICK, 2441305220 HAULOTTE COMPACT8, 10 JOYSTICK – ELECTRICAL CONTROL LEVER (joystick) JOYSTICK, ELECTRONIC CONTROL LEVER, Jungheinrich EFG DF13 MF, R.V. 2000 JOYSTICK DRIVE, HA20PX, AD104326, 2002 JOYSTICK CONTROL, HA20PX, AD104326, 2002 JOYSTICK LIFT, HA20PX, AD104326, 2002 HAULOTTE COMPACT8, 10 JOYSTICK – ELECTRICAL CONTROL LEVER (joystick) Has 16 , HA-18, HA-20 PX, HA-26 , HA-260 PX, H-14, H-21TX TYP:MZ72DXT JOYSTICK GROVE DRIVE 7352000970, TYPE:MZ72DXT JLG 300AJ, COMPLETE CONTROL PLATFORM built-in charger for Genie GS 3246 wiring harness for the joystick on the Genie GS 3246 1700-1274, Manual machines to scrolling PLATFORMS, Affordability 3000kg, HEAD DIAMETER 45MM TOP COMPLETE CONTROL PLATFORM, H12, 15 SDX BATERIE 24V / 180AH NA PLOŠINU 510074, STEERING ELECTRICAL CYLINDER, the forklift platform TOUCAN JUNIOR 8 AICHI – lifting platform, hydraulic pump, access equipment parts CP420, Tow tractor with platform, BDI COUNTER MTH,TLUMENÁ PRAC. LIGHT,BRAKE LIGHTS CP420, Tow tractor with platform, BDI COUNTER MTH,TLUMENÁ PRAC. LIGHT,BRAKE LIGHTS CR430, No platform tow tractor, BDI COUNTER MTH,TLUMENÁ PRAC. LIGHT,BRAKE LIGHTS CR460, No platform tow tractor, BDI COUNTER MTH,TLUMENÁ PRAC. LIGHT,CROWN BATTERY BRAKE LIGHTS DFU 06 195 1 On the platform Hydrogenerator, HYDRAULIC PUMP platform Multitel ALU 16 DS HYDROGENERÁTOR, HYDRAULIC PUMP platform FP20.16B0-13T1-(The)PGD/GD-N JLG – lifting platform, hydraulic pump, access equipment parts COMPLETE CONTROL PLATFORM JLG, Control box ES Series,MACHINERY Plošina OMME 1830 EBZX, hydraulic pump PE15AC, ELECTRIC FLAT TRUCK, ELECTRONIC CONTROL AC, NOSNOST 1500kg PE20AC, PE30AC, Electric platform truck Capacity 2.3 T, ELECTRONIC CONTROL, PTE8AC, Electric platform truck Capacity 1.2 T,ELECTRONIC CONTROL AC, REAR WHEEL DRIVE SIMAI PE 800UP,electric platform truck 80 do,Operated by remote control comfortable COMPLETE UPPER CONTROL Platform Skyjack SJ4626, SN-711164 TE30PERLA, electric lifting platform for rolling stock TE60PERSOB mast platform truck with turntable, vertical lift for rail vehicles 1201645 GAS SPRING PLATFORM(PLATFORMS) BT- LT 2000e, LIFT-O-MAT 094420 800N CARBON ENGINE 8X20-30 to the platform truck Kavoz Karviná, AP1522 UPRIGHT – lifting platform, hydraulic pump, access equipment parts návody k obsluze, Spare parts catalog AMRE 2300 electric motors 12V, 24In, 36In, 48In, BOSCH 0136501010, 0 136 501 010BOSCH 0136501032, 0 136 501 032 BOSCH 0136501055, 0 136 501 055 BOSCH 0136501255, 0 136 501 255 BOSCH 0541500058, 0 541 500 058 BOSCH 1517220541, 1 517 220 541 BUCHER HYDRAULICS (HIDROIRMA) 200543924821, 200 5439 24821 E.M.S. G1303D150A, G 1303-D 150/A FLUITRONICS (BERENDSEN) 1240040 FLUITRONICS (BERENDSEN) 1240631 FLUITRONICS (BERENDSEN) 9000439001 FLUITRONICS (BERENDSEN) 9002401510 HCT LUX 113847 Iskra 11214255, IM0077 , 11.214.255, AMP4632 PARKER HANNIFIN HR21503372 PIMESPO / IVECO 022439, 0 22439 PIMESPO / IVECO 9836402, 9836 402 RELATED FLUID POWER ZEMDC2EAEM, Z-EMDC-2E-AEM AS E190011, And 190 011