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Battery Chargers

An essential part of the strategy was to work closely with the largest supplier in the market and high frequency battery chargers (saving energy and charge the battery). Supplying company specializes in the production of industrial batteries (ie. traction, station and rolling stock). Development, production and assembly are completely secured in the quality management system according to ISO 9001. Built-in rechargeable import directly from the manufacturer. From us you will always receive the best quality product.

Charger by us has the following advantages

  • quick and accurate charging
  • high stability of output
  • high efficiency
  • high resistance to fluctuations in network
  • very high reliability

Basic overview of the products supplied by our company for traction applications:

Battery classic cell

conventional lead-acid battery electrolyte is screwed articulated joints made according to DIN and BS, and even in the embodiment AIR (Forced air circulation electrolyte)

Gel cell battery

closed / valve-regulated, Maintenance-free cell batteries

– electrolyte is immobilized in these accumulators in non-sagging gel

Monobloc batteries with liquid electrolyte

lead-acid electrolyte in batteries coupled design

Battery monobloc gel

closed / valve-regulated, Maintenance-free monobloc batteries

– electrolyte is immobilized in these accumulators in non-sagging gel

Charging technology


Rechargeable power traction batteries using controllable power supply modules. Chargers (Traction Chargers) for rechargeable batteries recharged any traction battery, including gel batteries. Station stationary battery charger can be used as a basis to create a battery backup in all operations dependent on a continuous supply of electricity.

Traction chargers from us are high, thanks to the control unit and power supply modules to its output characteristics.

Short charging cycle battery chargers can be used for Material Handling Equipment, aerial platform, electric forklifts and everywhere, where necessary traction battery charger, charger station batteries, stationary battery charger, or only high-frequency charger.


• For batteries up to 120V

• Output current up to 300 A

• Setting parameters via PC Service

• Memory 1000 charge cycles

• air pump for circulating electrolyte

• IUIa, IU0Ia or IUA curve according to DIN 41 772

• Battery Regenerace

– desulfatace (regeneration of small capacity battery)

– Equalization (offset voltage of each cell)

• Trickle charge (maintaining unused capacity battery)

• Delayed charging (low tariff for electricity)

• optimization depending on the temperature

• Remote control and signaling

• Short-circuit proof output


• Flexible modular system

• High efficiency up to 94%

• Fast and accurate charging

• Reducing the costs of operation and maintenance

• High output

• High resistance to fluctuations in network

• Galvanic isolation of input – output

• Active PFC and softstart

• Very high reliability